Neighbour of the Month- January

Do you know a neighbour that is HELPFUL? If the answer is YES, nominate them to be January’s Neighbour of the Month. Being a HELPFUL neighbour can take many forms, SO KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN!
Here are a few ways you can be a HELPFUL neighbour:
1. Shovel your neighbours sidewalk
2. Keep your sidewalk clear of snow
3. Scrape the ice off your neighbours car
4. Carry your neighbours grocery’s in for them
5. Assist a neighbour complete a task

Residents of Ford City please submit your nomination by January 30th by calling (519) 915-9583 or e-mail:

We want to know who you are nominating and why you have chosen this person.

Note: Contact 311 or visit for information regarding: Snow removal & Snow Angel volunteering


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