EarlyOn Child and Family Centre

woman-child-playroomEarlyOn Child & Family Centre
Provides a comfortable setting where parents, caregivers and children can play and learn together through the following guiding principles:  Integration, Inclusion, Community Led, Welcoming, High Quality and Child and Family Centered.

Parent Education & Support Program
Offers parents and caregivers a time out to be involved in activities such as cooking, yoga, guest speakers, parenting courses, crafts and more. Children take part in an enrichment program offering an opportunity for creative expression, literacy, toys, snack and story time.

drouillard-place-3picsvDrouillard Site EarlyOn Child & Family Centre

1102 Drouillard Rd., Windsor, ON N8Y 2R1
Ph (519) 253-1073 Fax (519) 253-6163
Email: psaunders@drouillardplace.ca

Grandview Site EarlyOn Child & Family Centre

3021 Grandview, Windsor, ON N8T 2L8
Ph (519) 944-9091
Email: mconflitti@drouillardplace.ca